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Yatir Winery, Tel Arad |

יינות היקב

יקב יתיר הציב לעצמו כמטרה להדגיש את הייחודיות האזורית ביינותיו – אותו אופי 'יתירי' שעליו גאוותם של אנשי היקב, שבא מכרמים הנטועים בגובה רב באדמת גיר חרסיתי, ומאקלים חצי מדברי יבש וקר בלילה, היוצרים אזור גידול (טרואר) מאוד מיוחד. כורמי ויינני היקב מחויבים לאיכות הגבוהה ביותר, החל מתהליך בחירת החלקות וטיפוח זני ענבי היין ועד לתהליך הבציר, התסיסה, היישון והבקבוק, הנעשים כולם בעזרת הטכנולוגיה והציוד העדכניים ביותר. היינות הראשונים של היקב ששווקו הם מבציר 2001. ליקב שתי סדרות של יינות: יער יתיר, יין הדגל של היקב; סדרת יתיר המורכבת מ"הר עמשא" (ממסך אזורי של זנים אדומים), רוזה, ועוד 4 יינות זניים.


Yatir Forest, the flagship wine of Yatir winery, is made from vineyard produce which yielded the tops wines of a given year’s vintage, with emphasis on scent and palate, and long term aging capability. Yatir Forest has become one of Israel’s leading products of consistent quality, having received a 90 point or higher grade for 9 consecutive seasons in “Wine […]

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Yatir Petit Verdot

The Yatir Winery is Israel’s pioneering cultivator of this variety (it was first planted in our vineyards in 2002). The lengthy growing season in Yatir, with bountiful heat and sun radiation, combined with dry climate, which leads to the restrained growing of the variety, allow the Petit Verdot grapes to fully ripen. Petit Verdot is eminent for its concentration of […]

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Yatir Syrah

The Syrah variety, (also known as Shiraz), is an early riper, known for being of high quality in the Yatir region. The grapes, from low vine crops and several plots are characterized by an exceptionally high concentration of color and flavor. The wines develop a typified aroma that combines blackberry flavors with shades of smoke and earth. At the same […]

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Vintages: 2013 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007

Yatir Cabernet Sauvignon

The Yatir Winery strives to produce Cabernet Sauvignon wine that embodies not only the familiar and beloved flavor of this variety but that also embodies the Yatir growing region, located at the elevated desert frontier. The grapes, from low crops and several elevated plots are harvested in a night vintage. They are fermented and aged separately for approximately one year […]

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Yatir Mt. Amasa

The fundamental wine of the Yatir Winery, which has been listed in some of Israel’s finest restaurants, presents stability and consistency of the highest quality, year after year. The wilderness, the mountain and the vegetation on the reservation, along with Mount Amasa (at an altitude of 859 meters+) border the Yatir Forest and its vineyards and serve as a unique […]

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Yatir Rose is based on grapes particularly suited to this kind of wine (Grenache Noir and Tempranillo), grown expressly for this purpose. This Rose is dry, crisp, low alcoholic content, with a delicate rose hue, fresh taste and aroma, fruity and perfumed. This is a very drinkable and satisfying wine which nonetheless maintains highest quality. It is especially suited to […]

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Vintages: 2017 2016 2015 2014

Yatir Viognier

The Yatir Winery is one of Israel’s first wineries to have planted and produced wine from this challenging variety, originating in cool regions of the northern Rhone Valley. The first vineyard was planted in the Yatir Forest in 2003. The style that was ultimately selected reflects the growing conditions of a high desert frontier region. The winery strives to express […]

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