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Yatir Creek

Yatir Creek is a further expression of Yatir Winery's diverse range. The wine possesses a succulent and mineral character.

Vintages: 2020 2016

Vintage 2020

Yatir Creek 2020 is produced from 84% Syrah, 11% Carignan, and 5% Mourvèdre from several plots in Yatir Forest. In this red wine, the winery strives to express in the purest way possible, the fruit character of the region. The composition of the varieties varies from year to year according to the nature of the harvest, in order to emphasize the "Yatir" character and the uniqueness of the region and its vineyards. Growing region : Yatir forest Vineyards : several plots at the Yatir Forest Aging : The wine was aged for a year in large wooden containers of 1,200-5,400 litres (317–1,426 gallons) that rounded out the wine without it absorbing any wood flavours. The wine was bottled in February 2022 and remained at the winery for another year to mature in the bottle.

Tasting Notes: Yatir Creek 2020 displays purple hues, and possesses aromas reminiscent of raspberries & blackberries, with a hint of smokiness. Its taste is fruity, succulent, and refreshing, with a long finish. Suitable ten years and more. Yatir Creek will pair well with meat dishes, meat casseroles, and steaks.

Yatir Forest Vineyards 2020 Vintage: The winter was with higher-than-average precipitation of 370 mm (14.5 inches). The second part of the winter had high precipitation and cold spells. Extreme heat during two weeks in the spring, coinciding with the blossoming of most red varieties and lowering the yields . Comfortable summer, without extreme heat waves. Higher than average temperatures in late August and early September, coinciding with the harvest date of most red varieties. Continuous and high-quality ripening. Overall, the harvest was slightly later than average, beginning in the second week of August, and ending at the end of September.

Vintage 2016

Yatir Creek 2016 is composed of Syrah 76%, Tannat 12%, Malbec 12%. The grapes derive from several plots in Yatir Forest. he wine aged for one year in large oak barrels (3,800 – 5,400 liters), which rounded out the wine without imparting pronounced impressions of oak in the wine. After bottling in February 2018, the wine matured in its bottle at the winery for a further two years.

Tasting Notes: Yatir Creek displays rich burgundy hues, with bouquets reminiscent of black cherry, black currant, cassis and roasted almonds. Possesses fruity, succulent flavors, offset by fine-grained and slightly salty tannins and a pleasant, tangy finish. This wine will age well for at least five to ten years.

Yatir Forest Vineyards 2016 Vintage: The winter was colder with more rainfall than usual in the Yatir region. This led to uniform and excellent awakening of the vines in the spring. The hot weather in the month of June attributed to the cessation of the growth at the ideal point in time, which also contributed to the development in the color of the grapes' skins. During the harvest season, the weather was pleasant, which influenced a bountiful harvest with high quality grapes.