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Yatir Winery – Harvest of 2017

17/08/2017 יתיר

We are pleased to announce that this year’s harvest at the Yatir Winery is now underway. We're only at the beginning of the harvest, and although this year we have experienced complex weather conditions, the harvest looks very promising.

Last year's winter provided more cold spells than the annual average, and this extended almost to the end of March, which was a colder month than normal. The rainfall was less than the annual average, with the last of the rain occurring in late February. The shortage of water in the soil, due to lack of rain, had to be compensated with late spring irrigation.

The vineyards' awakening was around seven to ten days later than normal, although in most vineyards, the awakening was uniform.

Many long heat waves occurred from mid spring, lasting through July and into August. Our constant and meticulous supervision however, together with our advanced irrigation methods, assured that the foliage remained green and healthy throughout the season. With no hydration of the leaves, the ripening of the grapes was slow but accurate.

Due to the heat waves, the véraison was short, and the transition of the grapes from green to red in some of the vineyards was very fast (less than a week).

In addition, a number of new grape varieties were planted, whilst adding to a few of our existing ones. Some of the young people from the surrounding moshavs were employed for the planting of vines in the new areas of the vineyard, as well as lending a hand in the night harvesting of the new varieties of Rossan and Chenin Blanc.