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Yatir Viognier 2014

26/01/2016 יתיר

Yatir Winery is launched the white wine of the winery, Viognier Yatir vintage 2014. The wine will be launched for the first time at Sommelier 2014, international exhibition of wine and food, on January 26-27.

The Yatir Winery is one of Israel’s first wineries to have planted and produced wine from this challenging variety, originating in cool regions of the northern Rhone Valley. The first vineyard was planted in the Yatir Forest in 2003. The style that was ultimately selected reflects the growing conditions of a high desert frontier region. The winery strives to express the accentuated aroma of this variety in a subdued manner, while focusing on fresh fruit flavors and blossoms (peach, chamomile, acacia, quince, papaya, citrus fruit and citrus blossom) and avoiding over ripeness. The use of wooden barrels during the aging process is limited to old and neutral barrels only and the wine does not undergo malolactic fermentation. The wine is bottled in the first spring after the vintage and is approved for marketing only after 6 additional months of further aging in the bottle. When it’s young, this wine is characterized by fruity freshness. The wine can be aged for several years, during which it develops a honeyed aroma, with a deeper flavor texture.

Dry white wine, produced from 100% Viognier grapes from two distinct vineyards in the Yatir Forest, situated at an altitude of 650 and 680 meters above sea level. After fermentation in stainless steel tanks, half of the wine in transferred for aging for a period of approximately 6 months in old barrels only. The wine was bottled at the Winery in April 2014.

Tasting Notes: The wine’s color is golden light-green, combining aromas of white peach and citrus blossom. Its flavor is reminiscent of peach, nectarine and citrus. The wine has a medium body and a fresh, tangy finish.