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Yatir Mt. Amasa 2011

02/12/2015 יתיר

Yatir Mt. Amasa 2011, was launched this year and was accepted readily and in an appropriate manner by consumers. Mt. Amasa is the most widely distributed wine from the Yatir Winery, and has earned its place in the best restaurants in Israel, and year after year presents stability and consistency at the highest quality.

The Yatir Winery vineyards are planted on the slopes in the heart of the Yatir Forest, which extends to a height of up to 900 meters above sea level and is located just a few minutes drive from the winery. The forest was planted by the Jewish National Fund in 1964 and is the largest planted forest in Israel. The various species of grapes that have been planted benefit from ideal conditions for growing wine grapes. The untamed landscape, the mountain and the flora of the Nature Preserve and Mt. Amasa (859+) border on the Yatir Forest and the vineyards, constituting a unique meeting point between the mountainous regions and the desert, the snow and the sunshine, the rock and the earth, all of which represent the character of the winery’s wines. This was the inspiration for the name of the wine.

Yatir Mt. Amasa 2011 is composed of 37% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 25% Shiraz, 5% Petite Verdot and 3% Malbec, from a number of plots in the Yatir Forest vineyards at altitudes between 650 and 900 meters above sea level. The composition of species of the wine differs from year to year, depending on the nature of the harvest, in order to emphasize the “Yatir” character and uniqueness of the region and its vineyards. The wines from the various vineyards are matured separately in oak barrels for one year prior to creating the final blend. The wine was bottled in March 2013 and left at the winery for another year and a half to age in the bottle. It is suited to continued maturing for another five years or more.

Taste impressions – the wine is a deep purple in color with a fragrance reminiscent of ripe plum, a touch of smoke and spices. The taste of the wine is fruity, ripe and medium bodied.

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