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Harvest in Yatir Forest

22/07/2016 יתיר

With the upcoming harvest which is due to begin in the coming week, final preparations are being prepared by the vineyard growers in the Yatir Forest.
The professionalism of the Yatir Winery calls for a perfectly synchronized harvest. This is based on implementing the uniformity of each vineyard section and the individual treatment of each plot seperately.
The winemaker Eran Goldwasser together with the winery's agronomist, Dror Dotan, use the support of a drone which maps out the vineyards with the NDVI index system.

This equipment is part of the winery's overall concept in the belief that small vineyards produce "quality wine" and not the just raw material for wine production.
The harvest signifies the end of a meticulously and heavily invested growing season for the dedicated winegrowers.

The beginning of the season begins with the vine pruning in Yatir Forest's extremely cold winter months followed by the winegrower's constant attention during the spring and summer.
On the eve of harvesting, the samplers and agronomist visit the vineyards in the morning where they pedantically evaluate the taste, stage of ripening, color and acidity in the grapes.

The weather conditions in July have been agreeable and similar to previous years, although June in comparison, was hotter than usual in relation to other years. This was due to the cold winter and early spring and had no effect on the harvest which began earlier than usual.

The Yatir Winery would like to wish both its winemakers and winegrowers a successful and fruitful harvest.