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Yatir Rose is based on grapes particularly suited to this kind of wine (Grenache Noir and Tempranillo), grown expressly for this purpose. This Rose is dry, crisp, low alcoholic content, with a delicate rose hue, fresh taste and aroma, fruity and perfumed. This is a very drinkable and satisfying wine which nonetheless maintains highest quality. It is especially suited to being enjoyed young and on its own, or as a accompaniment to Mediterranean cuisine.

Vintages: 2016 2015 2014

Vintage 2016

Yatir rose 2016 blends 67% Grenache, 30% Mourvèdre, 3% Viognier. The grapes were harvested early, in order to maximize their freshness. The grapes were left with their skins for 48 hours in stainless steel tanks before pressing. The free run of the grape juice was fermented at a low temperature in stainless steel vats. Following fermentation, the wine was kept in stainless steel tanks until bottling. The wine was bottled at the winery in February 2017.

Tasting Notes: Displaying a reddish pink color. Aromas of fresh raspberry, peach with floral notes. A dry, fruity and refreshing taste.

Yatir Forest Vineyards 2016 Vintage: The combination of a colder and wetter than usual winter in the Yatir region contributed to an even and unified awakening in the spring. June was warmer than usual, a factor that was again very positive for the vines, and which contributed to halting the growth phase and good color development in the grape skins. During the harvest, weather was comfortable, making for a crop that was excellent both in terms of quality and quantity.

Vintage 2015

Yatir Rose 2015 blends 93% Grenache with 7% Tempranillo from two different vineyards in the Yatir Forest, located 780 and 680 meters respectively above sea level. The grapes are harvested early to assure the wine’s vitality. The Tempranillo harvest is crushed immediately on arrival at the winery, whereas the Grenache grapes are steeped in their skins for 24 hours in a stainless steel vat and then crushed. For the winemaking, only the free flowing must (new wine) is used, and fermented at a low temperature in steel vats. With fermentation complete, the wine is allowed to rest in steel vats until bottling, which took place in February 2016.

Tasting Notes: Yatir Rose 2015 has a light rose-peach hue, and a perfume reminiscent of tropical fruit, peachy and floral, a particularly fruit taste, dry and refreshing.

Yatir Forest Vineyards 2015 Vintage: winter of 2015 began late, and the area turned truly cold only mid-December, but January was cold, and February saw significant snow and cold air. The winter lengthened into April, which showed lower than average temperatures and abundant rain (320 mm). Awakening was relatively uniform, and a little late in the year. April to July presented comfortable climactic conditions with only few springtime heat waves and predominantly spring-typical temperatures throughout the summer. From the end of July on, temperatures rose without cooling (at night as well), which caused a delay of some two weeks in maturation of dark varieties and a reduction of 10% yield.

Vintage 2014

יין ורוד יבש שהופק מ-68% ענבי גרנאש ו-32% ענבי טמפרניו, משני כרמים שונים ביער יתיר הממוקמים בגובה של 780 ו-680 מטר מעל פני הים. הענבים נבצרו מוקדם על מנת להעצים את הרעננות ביין. ענבי הטמפרניו נסחטו מיד בהגיעם ליקב, וענבי הגרנאש הושרו עם קליפותיהם למשך 3 ימים במכל נירוסטה ואז נסחטו. לצורך הפקת היין נלקח רק התירוש החופשי והותסס בטמפ' נמוכה במכלי נירוסטה. לאחר סיום התסיסה היין הושאר במכלי הנירוסטה עד לביקבוק. היין בוקבק בחודש פברואר 2015.

Tasting Notes: צבע היין ורוד אפרסק בהיר. ליין בשומת המזכירה פירות טרופיים, אפרסק ופרחים, וטעם פירותי מאוד עם סיום יבש ומרענן. אלכוהול: 12.5%.

Yatir Forest Vineyards 2014 Vintage: חורף 2014 היה יבש ברובו, עם שני אירועי גשם משמעותיים. האביב התאפיין באירועי 'חורף', כולל גשם אביבי משמעותי. סה"כ 277 מ"מ גשם (מעט מעל לממוצע). הקיץ והסתיו היו נוחים יחסית, ללא אירועי שרב משמעותיים. בסה"כ בציר איכותי.